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Tips for Proper Bathtub Care and Maintenance on Vancouver Island


Your bathtub has just been resurfaced with our high quality material. With proper care and maintenance it will give you long lasting satisfaction. Please observe the following instructions.


  1. Leave the bathroom totally sealed overnight. Do not enter the bathroom until the day after resurfacing, if possible.
  2. Do not commence using the tub for a minimum of 3 days.
  3. Do not carry out any construction around the tub for 30 days after resurfacing.
  4. Out of town customers to remove any remaining masking, using extreme caution. Reinstall any removed plumbing items, (replace drain ferrule very carefully DO NOT over tighten) and reseal entire edges of bathtub with mildew resistant silicone.
  5. Before re-using the tub (min. 3 days) clean with a liquid detergent "dish soap", rinse, and dry completely. NEVER use abrasive powder or cream cleaners or bleach on any bathroom fixtures. Abrasives will damage any surface, cause roughness, discolouration, and necessitate remedial treatment by THE BATHTUB DOCTOR. We advise chips or scratches ARE NOT covered by guarantee. Strong chemicals can damage the finish eg: Tilex, Draino, oven cleaner, etc.


  1. Small dust particles sometimes are unavoidable, on the surface. These will wear away after successive cleanings.
  2. Always fill your tub first with cold/lukewarm water to 1/3 the desired level. Hot water causes tension stress in the tub metal plus, the steam can be damaging to your walls and ceiling. NEVER fill the tub with straight hot water!
  3. Never place additives directly in the tub. Pre-dissolve them in a separate container then add them to the nearly filled tub. We recommend that NO additives be used during the first 2-3 weeks. Clean the tub thoroughly after using additives, rinse and dry.
  4. Use your tub, don't abuse it! Hair and cloth dyes can be hard on the finish. Do not soak laundry in the tub. Do not store items on the rim that can subsequently fall into the tub and chip it. Do not leave standing water in the tub or underneath items along the rim.
  5. Leaking faucets should be repaired immediately. They are wasteful of energy and will cause an unsightly stain and delamination.
  6. Drain your hot water tank regularly. Accumulated dirt in the tank is a major cause of mineral stains to any surface. (Recommended maximum temperature setting 120 Fahrenheit.)
  7. Carefully remove the bathmat after EACH use. Failure to remove the mat each time allows the buildup of bacteria and may cause damage to your finish.
  8. Use liquid detergent cleaner each day. Dry your tub to ensure the removal of all cleansing residue. Occasionally scrub tub with strong solution of T.S.P. (Tri Sodium Phosphate) RINSE WELL. Apply wax (eg. Gel Gloss) everywhere EXCEPT the bottom of the bathtub.

Consider your bathtub not only for its utility but as the centerpiece to your bathroom. Together, we can make it look better.

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