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Bathroom appliance restorations done in place, saving you down time and money!



Instead of undertaking the costly and wasteful process of replacing your bathtub because its aesthetic value has faded over time, save thousands of dollars by repairing damage and refinishing the bathtub you already own, done in place with a fraction of the downtime and cost associated with a renovation.

The cost effective and environmentally conscious choice!

We refinish all types of bathtubs but clawfoot restorations are our specialty!


If your home has a fiberglass or acrylic bathtub or shower which has sustained damage due to an unfortunate series of events such as a falling tile or worse, we offer on site repairs that look so good you can pretend it never even happened!

Big or small, from chips to holes, we can repair it all and save you the cost of replacement.


The Bathtub Doctor is a locally operated and family owned business based out of Victoria repairing and resurfacing bathtubs throughout southern Vancouver Island, including Duncan and the Cowichan Valley. If your fibreglass or acrylic bathtub is chipped, we can provide quick and affordable on-site repairs.


Our services include:

Bathtub resurfacing

Permanent anti-slip mats

Repairs to fibreglass and acrylic bathtubs and showers

At The Bathtub Doctor we have decades of reliable and friendly service on our resume for both residential and commercial clients alike. We continue to strive to provide the best customer service possible and to achieve that goal we always educate our clients on the best practices for maintaining their bathtub and we’ll go through the most effective and affordable options for tub repairs.


We also guarantee our work, 5 years for bathtub refinishing and 1 year on chip repairs.


Estimates for our bathtub refinishing are always free, so give us a call today!

Green Nature


The Bathtub Doctor method was perfected in Europe in 1952. A specific process of refinishing the aging porcelain enamel of bathroom fixtures from the early 1900s that were still structurally sound but no longer looking as beautiful as they once had. Since that time branches all across Canada and the United States have been rejuvenating bathroom appliances that would otherwise have been removed and discarded saving untold amounts of waste from our landfills over the decades.

Today we continue to restore and repair not only cast iron and steel porcelain enamel  fixtures, but also modern fiberglass and acrylic bathroom appliances.

By repairing and refinishing what you already own instead of throwing away and replacing with new, the environmental impact of our society is reduced in a significant way while saving you from the substantial expenditure that comes along with renovations.

Its a win - win!

"Often imitated, never duplicated"

The Doc'




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